Remote PowerShell for Lync Online

Microsoft has released remote PowerShell capabilities to all commercial Office 365 customers.

so you can be controlling via PowerShell and not from the Office 365 admin center

Managing Exchange Unified Messaging and hosted voicemail policies:


Managing meeting room endpoint devices with a Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 resource mailbox:


You can be used to block saving of IMs and call logs in Outlook for all users:

Get-CsOnlineUser | Grant-CsClientPolicy -PolicyName Tag:ClientPolicyNoSaveIMNoArchiving

you can also utilize Exchange Online cmdlets to extend the capabilities of Lync Online reports beyond the currently available reports in the Office 365 admin center (your subscription must include Exchange Online for these to work  🙂

Get-CsActiveUserReport (Active users)
Get-CsAVConferenceTimeReport (AV Conference minutes)
Get-CsP2PAVTimeReport (Total p2p audio minutes and total p2p video minutes)

For more information, please see the following:

Thanks to Office 365 Team

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